Photo by: Bryan Lasky 12/1/17 The Hollow Albany, 2017

Photo by: Bryan Lasky 12/1/17 The Hollow Albany, 2017


Formerly One Red Martian

"Stinging Nettle" is a sugar-shot of tight indie pop-rock. Weaving through its upbeat stomp and catchy melodies singer Jimi Woodul delivers frank and bittersweet lyrics born from experience. An anthem for anyone who's ever fallen hard, it speaks to the simultaneously heartbreaking and hilarious dreams of youth. 


Dark Honey is comprised of three brothers and a childhood friend who have been making music together since they were kids. After spending several years in the south the group moved back to their roots in the northeast and began to fine tune their unique sound. Embracing a truly DIY spirit, the band records and releases all their music themselves from their indie studio in Upstate NY.


Vocals, Guitar / Jimi Woodul

Bass / Ben Woodul

Drums / Joe Woodul

Vocals, Piano, Synth / Dan DeKalb




"There's something in soulful frontman Jimi Woodul's voice that really gives One Red Martian an edge."

"All new "Stinging Nettle" is guaranteed to have you singing along to Dark Honey's wittily crafted lyrics". 

-A&R Factory

"Fun pop melody that drives into deeper meanings..."

-NYS Music


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